125-lb Woman Chokes Bouncer Unconscious After Mistakenly Thinking He Groped Her

Image Source: Plattsburgh Police Department via AP

A 22-year-old woman is facing legal trouble after choking a bouncer unconscious in a Plattsburgh, NY, nightclub on October 20, according to AP News.

Kierah LaGrave was enjoying a night out at Five1Eight nightclub when she felt someone grab her bottom. When she looked for the perpetrator, she believed that it had been the bouncer who had been walking past her. She applied a choke from behind him, and he initially chose not to defend, believing that it was a friend who had snuck up behind him and was just messing around.

In reality, both parties were mistaken — La Grave had been grabbed by her friend, and the bouncer had been grabbed by a stranger. The bouncer fell to the floor unconscious, and after the dust settled, La Grave was arrested. She didn’t deny choking the bouncer, but said that it was because she believed he had grabbed her. The CCTV footage from inside the club showed the reality of what happened.

LaGrave now faces a charge of second-degree strangulation. Watch the Gracie Breakdown below, which includes footage of the incident.

She Choked the Wrong Guy!

SOUND ON! Great technique, WRONG Neck! GracieUniversity.com

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Friday, November 2, 2018


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