29-Year-Old MMA Fighter Murdered By Robbers In Front Of Wife And Son

Photo Source: Adriano "Mamute" Pereiro/ Facebook

On Tuesday morning, 29-year-old MMA fighter Adriano “Mamute” Sylberth Santana Pereira was shot and then stabbed to death in his home in Belem, Brazil. Local police believe that Pereira and his family weren’t specifically targeted by the criminals.

According to Globo, the murder occurred when three armed robbers broke into the fighter’s home. Pereira ran into his room with his wife and nine-year-old son, but were followed by the assailants. Pereira reportedly asked the robbers to stay calm, but was then shot in the face. The assailants then demanded that his wife and son hand over their cell phones. After realizing that the victim was still alive, one of the assailants stabbed him in the chest with a knife until he succumbed to his wounds.

Pereira reportedly had amassed 30 MMA fights throughout his career. Police are continuing to investigate his murder.


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