3 Reasons To Train Jiu-Jitsu Together

Team Ironside/ Flickr Creative Commons

If you haven’t read my recent article “ The Problem With Dating In The Academy”, then go check it out. This article will accompany that article and argue the opposite. While there are drawbacks to dating in the academy; there are also many benefits. You know what they say , a couple that trains together stays together. So without further ado here are the top reasons to train as a couple.

  • Quality Time– Training together provides something enjoyable to both parties that you can do together. In the buys world we live in; sometimes it can be hard to find time to spend together, but If you train together then you always get to spend a few hours a day with each other and bond.
  • Shared Goals– While related to #1 , I believe this is a little different. If both parties seek to become great bjj practitioners, then you automatically have a goal and passion to share. You will have someone to push you and inspire you to train hard and peruse your goals.
  • Built in vacations– You get to go on crazy adventures together competing in tournaments and going to seminars. Many couples have a hard time scheduling vacations, due to disagreement on where to go and what to do. Not BJJ Couples, for them it’s easy. “let’s take a trip to California or Florida or NY to compete in such and such tournament”.

Do you train with your significant other? What benefits have you experienced from the situation?


  1. Kris- Next time you make it to D/FW TX from the NW, look us up. Ironside Martial Arts (Bedford).
    Appreciate the good articles and our photos!


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