5 Great Moments In BJJ Class

Team Ironside/ Flickr Creative Commons

In the academy we go through a lot of struggle! People like to glorify training, but in reality there are a lot of times when practitioners end up feeling down, sad and tired. While we all train because we truly love the art, there is no denying that without struggle there is no progress. It would be nice if we were always on our good day and there were no down moments, but that’s what ends up making you get better. However there are some fantastic moments in Jiu-Jitsu when you end up feeling on top of the world. Here are the best days we have in BJJ!

  • Promotion– nothing feels better than going months and even years and finally being recognized with that stripe or new belt. People like to say it’s not about the belt(and its not), but you cant deny that it feels fantastic!
  • Gold- You just won a competition and you stand smiling on top of the podium. This is one of those moments where you get tangible evidence that what you have been doing has made you improve.
  • The Title– Attached to #2 is the idea of winning an impressive title such as world or pan champion. These accomplishments cannot be taken away and provide a great feeling to those lucky and skilled enough to achieve them.
  • Leading Warm-ups – While this one seems small, the first time you end up leading warm ups feels like a great power has been bestowed on you.
  • Submitting your rival – While you should never attach your identity to who you are able to submit; beating you rival is a good feeling. We all have that one guy who we roll with regularly or compete against regularly and consider them a rival. Rivals are necessary in Jiu-Jitsu because they push us to be better and the times we are able to come out on top feel great!



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