5 Reasons To Compete In Your Local Competition Circuit

Photo by: BJJPix

When people think about competing they often think of the larger tournaments and promotions. They think worlds, pans, international opens, IBJJF, FIVE, UAE and all the other larger promotions. These tournaments and promotions can often lead to great things if you win or even place. You could obtain sponsorship, get featured in magazines and gain a lot of respect/credibility as an athlete. However, as great as these are, I believe that the local comp scene can also be a great tool for you. There are many lesser known promotions around the world and they are also great. In my opinion the local scene has many benefits that either large promotions can’t offer, or there are more barriers to obtaining them. Here are the top reasons you should support your states local competition scene.

  • Practice– Sometimes, especially for newer students and competitors it is great to have a smaller venue where you can be friendlier and play with your game. Try to see what is going to work in competition and what needs to be tweaked.
  • Less Pressure- Some people have a hard time preforming to their best under the pressure of larger competitions. Competing at the local level is a great way to keep your nerves in check and get used to the feeling. While we never stop getting nervous all together; competing with a smaller audience and less glory on the line can help you get used to the feeling.
  • Momentum– Sometimes you just need to keep the momentum going. Maybe your goal is to compete every month this year, but there are no larger venues around this time. You can use the smaller venues to keep your momentum and goals going forward.
  • Cheaper– Simply put, local tournaments tend to be a lot cheaper. The registration itself is cheaper and you also don’t have to pay any traveling expenses. Some athletes simply cant afford to travel all the time, so local events are a great option.
  • Supporting Local– The last reason is simply to support someone within your community. This is someone real who is trying to help the community and it’s a worthwhile cause to support. Remember with enough support they could become a larger promotion and maybe help the community even more.

So, what do you think? Do you compete in your local grappling events, and if so what do you like most? If not, why ?


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