5 Reasons To Support BJJ Photography

Photographers in BJJ are awesome. I think most of us can all agree on that. They work hard to capture the moments that we cannot re-live.

For many people, competition is something that drives our being and being able to have photographs of these moments.

But, there is a problem that photographers in this sport are facing. Many practitioners are ripping off their photos. It doesn’t take long to see someone on Facebook using their images with their marking still attached, and that’s an issue.

Many people try to argue that they are advertising for them, but that logic is broken.

Here are the top five reasons to support the BJJ photography community by purchasing images you wish to use.

  • This Is Their Living– While some photographers are part time, many use this as their main source of income. They are putting countless hours in to shoot these events. Doesn’t it make sense they deserve to be paid?
  • You Want Them– You want your images right? Well when you want something in life, don’t you purchase it? If you want food or material items, you buy them, right? Well your images are no different.
  • Quality– Unless you have your own private photographer, your friend’s phone images probably won’t turn out too great. On the other hand the professionally edited images will probably look steller.
  • It’s illegal– Simply put: it’s actually a crime. And while the photographers probably won’t take any action, it is worth noting that you are basically stealing their property.
  • Future Photos– If you want the photographers to continue to support events, then we need to support them. If they are not making money, they don’t have much reason to continue to shoot these events.

I think it is clear from this that the community needs to stop using unbought images and needs to support these great photographers more for their hard work.

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