6 Ways To Get Off Of The Ground In A Street Fight

I know what many of you are thinking: “Get off the ground? We’re BJJ practitioners! Why would we want to get off the ground?”

Well, if you’re in a street fight, there are lots of reasons. First, being under mount or knee on belly is not a good position to be in if your opponent can throw strikes at you. Another reason is you may also be fighting on a floor covered with broken glass. Finally, you may just be a bad bottom player.

Simply put: there may come a time when you want to get out from under an attacker, and when that time comes, you had better know how.

In this video, BJJ black belt Eli Knight shows us six ways to get off of the ground during a street fight, MMA fight, or any fight where the combatants can both grapple and strike.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself from an attacker, this video is definitely worth your time. Check it out below!


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