A Petition On Applying Choke Holds Or Joint Lock Submission Holds To Children Under The Age Of 12 In Sport Competitions Illegal

A petition has recently been launched on change.org, to make applying choke holds or joint lock submission holds to children under the age of 12 in sport competitions illegal. Over recent years, organizations have been set up, which charge parents money to enter their children into MMA style wrestling bouts. These contests permit children, under twelve years of age, to put other children into chokeholds. In the event of incompetent refereeing, this might cause permanent damage to children. Even when bouts are refereed correctly, the brains of children have not fully developed, so purposefully depriving their brains of oxygen is an irresponsible and stupidly dangerous practice. Coaches ought to teach children to avoid using chokeholds and highlight the harm they can do, instead of encouraging children to use these moves during bouts or arguments with their peers. Otherwise, it might result in more cases of children strangling each other, when they are not supervised by adults.

See petition here


  1. Congrats, way to post an article to a jiujitsu specific website written as if it is talking to an audience who doesn’t know what jiujitsu is. I won’t even go into the irony of the article content, but I will criticize the lack of effort put into a potentially relevant topic that could have been insightful if the author had put 5 minutes of critical thought into it. I’m un-liking this page.


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