ADCC Veteran Alec Baulding Shares His Thoughts On Racism & Being Black In The BJJ Community

Racism and police brutality have been dominating the most recent news cycle. As much as we like to think that jiu-jitsu is a “safe haven” away from the politics and social issues that we see off the mats, the truth is that the same problems that affect people outside the gym are also reflected inside the gym.

In this video, Alec Baulding shares some of his own thoughts and feelings about being Black in the jiu-jitsu world. He also reminds us that being good at jiu-jitsu doesn’t make someone a good person, especially in light of some of the problematic viewpoints expressed by many coaches and athletes in the sport.

Check out his video below and consider his words when doing your part to make the jiu-jitsu community a more welcoming and open space:


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