Polaris 5 Results: AJ Agazarm Chokes Out Lloyd Cooper In Front Of Hostile English Crowd, Almost Gets Hit By Audience Member

AJ Agazarm Polaris 5

AJ Agazarm may not have been the fan favorite, but he is coming out of London with an impressive submission win.

Agazarm fought in front of a hostile English crowd. One rowdy member of the audience frequently taunted him.

The hometown hero, Lloyd Cooper, absolutely loved it, and even smiled at the crowd. Unfortunately, AJ pushed the pace, frequently tying Lloyd’s leg up with his lapels. AJ’s wrestling background also came in handy, as he was able to pass and take the back.

As Agazarm got on Lloyd’s back, he smiled at the crowd who continued to taunt him, sank in his hooks, rolled his opponent, and tapped him out with a simple two-collar choke.

Though AJ shook hands with his opponent, he wasn’t about to forgive the crowd. He blamed them for Cooper’s loss and almost got hit with an item of clothing that someone threw from the audience.

Of course, that wouldn’t be the first time AJ got hit on the stage at Polaris.


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