Andre Galvao Interested In Returning To MMA


Andre Galvao considering return to MMA after having left the circuit in 2010 is creating a buzz in the sport. Since leaving MMA, Galvao has won three ADCC titles as well as 10 Jiu-Jitsu gold medals — all major medals. While on the MMA circuit, Galvao was a fighter for Strikeforce and DREAM. He says that if he does take the plunge and return to MMA, he will be taking a very different approach from the one he previously took. For starters, Galvao says that he would certainly continue his Jiu-Jitsu training at the gym and continue to work on his boxing. He also mentioned that his wrestling is a lot better than it was before and that all these elements combined would only help to improve his performances in MMA. As an MMA fighter, Galvao had a record 5-2 record with four stoppage victory.

Galvao told

“I got offers from Japan, after ADCC 2015. “PRIDE is coming back. My manager Jorge Guimaraes is negotiating. We’ll see what happens.”

“If I return, I will do everything different,” said Galvao, who fought for Strikeforce and DREAM. “I would never leave my jiu-jitsu. I would continue to train at my gym and work on my boxing. I’m a better no-gi grappler than in those days. I started learning no-gi grappling in 2010, my wrestling is way better now, and I know it would make the difference in my MMA game.”

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