Andre Muniz Appears To Break Jacare Souza’s Arm At UFC 262

The fight between multiple-time IBJJF World Champion Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Andre Muniz at UFC 262 ended in an impressive submission win for Muniz and a possibly broken arm for Souza.

Souza and Muniz fired back and forth at each other with a mix of punches and kicks. About a minute in, Souza shot for a takedown, driving Muniz against the cage and succeeding in bringing him to the ground. Muniz played open guard while Souza rained down punches from above until Muniz threatened him enough to make him step back. Muniz returned to his feet and shot for a takedown of his own, ending up inside Souza’s closed guard. Souza got back to his feet, giving his back in the process but managing to turn around to face Muniz once more. Muniz took Souza down again. Though Souza quickly returned to his feet, Muniz moved to take the back and transitioned to an armbar. There was a snap and the sudden shift of Souza’s arm giving way to Muniz’s pressure, and the fight ended with a submission in the first round.

Andre Muniz was declared the winner via armbar, and Souza was walked out of the cage to receive medical attention for his arm.


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