BTS With Legend Anderson Silva’s UFC 234 Fight Prep

Open workouts are hardly a complete plan to what an athlete needs to do to compete at the elite level, but they do offer insight into the cross training, pacing, intervals, and tribal support which can make a successful fight camp.

It’s been over a year since legend Anderson Silva last prepped publicly for a UFC match, and so civilian and athlete fans of the longtime jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts mainstay were largely impressed to see footage from his open workout media release earlier this week. Silva, now 43, showcased gi, no-gi, and striking training at West Hollywood’s Spider Kick Gym on January 22nd, and while some folks are really cheering for young opponent Israel Adesanya there’s no denying that there are 20somethings that will not ever move as well as Silva is moving today. (Skip to 10:17 to start seeing some more focused displays of coordination and cardio.)

Scroll through to see how your training is, or isn’t, measuring up by comparison. Silva fights February 9th at middleweight in Australia.


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