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A petition going around that if the specific petition reached 500 signs, Ronda Rousey would have the chance to get a Wildcard to enter the Olympics 2016. Here...

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Gene Lebell Is an American martial artist, instructor, stunt performer, and professional wrestler born in Los Angeles, California Gene LeBell Interview with: Submission Radio “Everybody can lose...

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If you don't want to miss any of the judo matches at the Rio Olympics, is the place to be. Here is a summary...

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Travis Stevens: ‘I’m An Olympian & Will Never Do Crossfit’ Olympian in Judo and BJJ black belt competitor Travis Stevens has expressed that he is...

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Wrestling or Judo For Jiu-Jitsu? Five times BJJ champion Bernardo Faria weighed the differences between Wrestling or Judo For Jiu-Jitsu? Since he began wresting...

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