The news of a cancer diagnosis can never come at the “right” time, but having to deal with medical issues and financial stress during a worldwide pandemic while being a father to a baby certainly makes an already difficult time even harder.

This is the case for Colorado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy founder Dave Ruiz, who was diagnosed with a very rare form of appendix cancer following an appendectomy. According to a GoFundMe created by Staci Stefan, doctors found a tumor on Ruiz’s appendix after they removed it, and now, he’s scheduled for surgery so that they can discover whether the cancer has spread to his other organs.

The GoFundMe description reads:

Dave Ruiz, our dear friend, co-worker and incredible coach, recently had his appendix removed. After removal, the doctors discovered a tumor on it, and he was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of appendix cancer. It is still unknown whether or not the cancer has spread to his nearby organs, so he has a surgery scheduled for August 28th to go in and find out, run more tests, and take out lymph nodes in his colon. Please PRAY and send positive vibes that the cancer was only in his appendix and has not spread!!

In the meantime Dave can not work, and has a baby girl (Matea) and girlfriend (Kellie) at home who lost her job due to COVID. They will need some help during these next few weeks and possibly months with being able to afford basic necessities, baby formula and diapers, other living expenses and medical bills. Please help out in any way that you can. Dave has done so much for the jiu jitsu community, our gym and students, and has become part of our family these last few years. He would do anything for anyone, so now it’s our turn to do the same for him. Thank you guys!

Fight 2 Win CEO Seth Daniels shared an emotional post supporting Ruiz, who has been Daniels’ jiu-jitsu instructor for ten years.

As with any medical fund, every dollar helps. If you can donate, or even if you can just share the fundraiser, click here.


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