Conor McGregor Is Being Sued By The Woman Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault In 2018

Photo/Instagram: Conor McGregor

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor is being sued for millions of euros, or $1.79 million to $2.13 million USD, in personal injury lawsuits in his home country of Ireland.

The news was first reported by the Irish Independent, which states that a woman and her mother are suing McGregor in two separate lawsuits stemming from an alleged incident in 2018 in which McGregor was accused of sexual assault in Ireland. A lengthy investigation yielded no charges brought against McGregor, and the alleged victim and her mother have decided to pursue lawsuits following the decision.

McGregor’s spokesperson Karen J. Kessler provided the following statement to the Irish Independent regarding the lawsuits: “After an exhaustive investigation conducted by the Gardaí which, in addition to interviews of the plaintiff, included interviewing numerous sources, obtaining witnesses’ statements, examining closed-circuit footage and the cooperation of Conor McGregor, these allegations were categorically rejected. The plaintiff knows the facts contradict the assertions in this lawsuit. Mr. McGregor will dispute any claims and is confident that justice will prevail.”

The New York Times released further details about the case after obtaining the statement of claim filed by the alleged victim, which states that she and McGregor had known each other for years and grew up in the same area. On December 9, 2018, the woman and McGregor exchanged “flirtatious” messages on Instagram. She and a friend were picked up from a work party by McGregor’s driver and were taken to McGregor’s hotel, along with a friend of McGregor who is named as a co-defendant in the lawsuit. Believing that she and her friend would be partying with McGregor, the woman says she took some cocaine from a bag that was “produced” by an unnamed person.

At the hotel, the woman claims that McGregor “beckoned” her to the bedroom and asked her to perform a “lewd act” on him. After she refused, she says that McGregor began kissing her and removing her clothes despite her protests. The statement says that the woman fought back against McGregor, stopping after McGregor “wrapped his arms around her neck and lifted her up three times.”

The statement then says that McGregor sexually assaulted her and told her to lie in bed next to him.

The woman then fell asleep and awoke later that evening, and McGregor left the hotel with her friend and returned later, according to the lawsuit. She said that she was then given a drink by McGregor’s friend and that her only memory following that moment is of being in a taxi. The police told her later that McGregor’s friend claimed to have had sex with her — an act which, according to the statement, she did not remember or consent to.

The lawsuit says that the woman’s mother called an ambulance after the alleged victim arrived home, and she was taken to the hospital and examined for sexual assault. She was bruised all over her body and had injuries on her neck, face, and right breast, according to the statement. A month later, the statement claims, she reported that she had been sexually assaulted.

The lawsuit is the most recent legal action taken against McGregor, who has been in trouble with the law for multiple incidents that include an infamous attack on a bus filled with fellow UFC fighters. He is scheduled to fight Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257 this coming weekend.


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