As COVID-19 cases dwindle in some areas and continue to increase in others, many people are looking toward the future and wondering how to open jiu-jitsu gyms back up in a way that protects coaches, students, and the public.

One of the most well-received suggested plans for reopening our world of jiu-jitsu has come from Dr. Chris Moriarty. Moriarty is a BJJ black belt and sports medicine doctor, and while his career doesn’t specifically revolve around epidemiology, his knowledge and expertise in diseases, jiu-jitsu, and conducting and interpreting research has made his opinions on the topic extremely valuable.

Last week, Moriarty shared a post detailing his suggested reopening plan, and days later, GrappleArts‘ Stephan Kesting shared an interview he conducted with the doctor. The clip has been shared across the BJJ community and lauded as a reasonable and practical way of reopening gyms if the number of coronavirus cases begins to decrease. Whether you own a BJJ gym or just believe in protecting people while reopening the jiu-jitsu industry, check out the interview below:

The text from Dr. Moriarty’s post can be found here.


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