42-year Old Man Sculpts His Abs With The Help of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Eric Falstrault
Photo/Instagram: @eric_bodhi_falstrault

Eric Falstrault, a 42- year old gym owner, has set a good example for his clients after sculpting his abs. He says that his body has never been in bad shape since he has been working in the fitness industry for 20 years. He did his best to be a good example to the people who visited his gymnasium facility.

Falstrault who is from from Montreal, Quebec, has been keeping up with a routine of strength training and at times performing sessions of martial arts. He, however, experienced a hard time during the last summer when he had a stomach bug that kept him out of the routine for a few weeks. The holiday ignorance made him lose some muscle as he never attended the gym.

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His fat percentage increased by 23 percent. He had no energy, and he felt depressed because of his looks. This was when he decided that he had to do something. He knew exactly what he had to do as his whole life revolved around motivating his clients and staying fit.

He changed his eating habits, and on top of that, adopted a new workout. He needed to do something more challenging than the usual martial arts and fighting. He remembered jiu-jitsu, which he had done about ten years ago and how challenging and demanding it was, and he knew that is all he needed. Eric Falstrault told Men’s Health

“Challenging” was the only word that came to mind when Falstrault first tried Brazilian jiu-jitsu about 10 years ago. It was both physically and mentally demanding, and that’s the exact change of pace he was looking for.

After practicing jiu-jitsu for six months, Eric is now back in shape, and his energy level has increased. Jiu-jitsu helped him to drop down to 13 percent body fat in just six months. He then started seeing changes in his body after four weeks of total dedication which included his abs. He said that his abs are thanks to jiu-jitsu since each move and technique engaged his muscles which lead to the amazing results. He also witnessed an enormous strength gain in his hands as jiu-jitsu focuses on grip strength.


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