Erich Munis & Beatriz Mesquita Pick Up Big Wins At BJJ Stars 4

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The action is underway at BJJ Stars 4, and among the exciting matches between some of the biggest athletes in the sport have been matches between Erich Munis and Victor Hugo, and Beatriz Mesquita vs. Thamara Ferreira.

Erich Munis vs. Victor Hugo

Both competitors pulled guard as soon as the match started, and as Hugo stood up, Munis worked for and achieved a sweep before falling back into 50/50. Hugo came up and tried to fight off Munis’ lasso guard, eventually falling back to try to secure an ankle lock. Munis then angled himself off to try to attack an armbar, but Hugo stayed relentless in pursuing a foot lock. Munis stood up briefly before falling back with a grip on Hugo’s pant leg, but struggled to do anything with it.

The competitors returned to the ground, with Hugo still working on his opponent’s leg, but Munis managed to elevate his opponent, eventually ending up with Hugo in his closed guard. After his guard opened, Hugo attacked the leg again, but eventually resorted to standing up while Munis worked underneath him.

Hugo stayed focused on leg attacks in the final minute of the match, and in a last-ditch attempt to land a finish, Munis attempted a flying submission, sending both competitors toppling out of bounds right as the match ended. Munis ended up winning the match by points, 6-4.

Beatriz Mesquita vs. Thamara Ferreira

Mesquita started the action with a guard pull, and Ferreira nearly passed, but as the athletes scrambled to their feet, they nearly went out of bounds and were reset. After both received a stalling penalty, Mesquita secured a hold on her opponent and pulled her into a tight closed guard. Ferreira opened the guard, leading to a scramble that again led to the competitors going out of bounds and needing to be reset.

Both soon received another penalty for inaction, and when they resumed, Mesquita again pulled closed guard, avoiding Ferreira’s attempt to immediately pass, and then came on top while Ferreira played single-leg x-guard. Ferreira was trying for a foot lock, but Mesquita avoided it and applied heavy pressure to try to pass her guard before the two scrambled to their feet. Ferreira then pulled guard while Mesquita tried to push through with a double-unders pass, and a pause was called for the doctors to deal with a problem with Ferreira’s eye.

When the action resumed, Mesquita was nearly able to take Ferreira’s back, and after a scramble ensued, the competitors went out of bounds and were reset. Ferreira pulled guard, and as Mesquita worked for grips, Ferreira then opened her guard and found an opportunity to stand up again. As the clock wound down to the final two minutes, a flying guard pull from Mesquita gave Ferreira an opportunity to scramble to the back and nearly take it, managing to get a hook in while Mesquita fought to turn back towards her opponent. The scramble put them again out of bounds.

With about a minute left, Ferreira pulled guard, which the referee seemed to count as a takedown for Mesquita, and Mesquita worked for a double-unders pass. As the clock wound down, Ferreira scrambled to her feet and took Mesquita to the ground, prompting a fast-paced scramble as Ferreira tried to pass, but Mesquita’s defense held up until time ran out, and she earned the win via points.

There are still more matches to come, including a main event between Claudia do Val and Gabi Garcia!


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