Dante Leon Vs. Davi Ramos – Fight 2 Win 182 Schedule And Betting Odds

Fight 2 Win

Dante Leon Vs. Davi Ramos – Fight 2 Win 182 Schedule And Betting Odds

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On Saturday, August 28th, at F2W 182 #2 ranked Welterweight Dante Leon takes on 2015 ADCC gold medalist Davi Ramos.

This will be the first confrontation between the

two stars.

Both Canadian Leon and Brazilian Ramos are ADCC veterans and former champions— this is a match-up you don’t want to miss.   

Dante Leon is fresh off his win at the No-Gi Kansas City Open.

Davi Ramos is shaking off his recent decision loss to Pedro Marinho.

Let’s dive deeper to see how this match plays out.

Dante Leon (BJJ Heroes)

  • Record: 80-35-0
  • Height: 5’8” | Weight: 77kg | Age: 26
  • Wins:  50 SUB, 3 decisions, 21 points, 6 advantages
  • Losses: 7 SUB, 15 points, 9 Decision, 4 advantages
  • Noticeable Wins: Lucas Lepre, Renato Canuto, Tye Ruotolo, Johnny Tama
  • Noticeable Losses: Roberto Rimenez, Garry Tonon, Kyle Boehm, Vagner Rocha
  • Current Ranking: #2 WelterWeight | Last match: Lucas Laet

Fighter’s Weaknesses:

Dante Leon lacks very few weaknesses.

And although Leon is a good wrestler his match against Nicky Ryan showed that his wrestling can be stifled by a more technical opponent.

Davi Ramos is a UFC veteran and ADCC champion, if Ramos can get deep under Leon’s hips, he will definitely score takedown points.

Leon will not be able to defend a nicely timed shot because he will be excessively focusing on hand fighting too much.

Also, as an aside, Davi Ramos has a strong Juji-Gatame.

And although I would not say this is necessarily a weakness for Leon because his armbar defense is strong— if Ramos is able to control Leon’s arm, I’m not sure if the Canadian will be able to escape.

Fighter’s Strengths:

Leon is well-rounded: he can play bottom, top, wrestle, and even attack lower body submissions.

That said, his top game, wrestling, and hefty knee-cut pass seem to be his current favorites. 

Dante Leon is big on taking his opponent down and making them play bottom guard (half guard specifically) and then initiating a strong knee cut with immense pressure until he completely passes his adversary’s knee line.

This is precisely what Dante Leon did to secure two victories against an athletic, Kody Steele, and the young prodigy, Tye Ruotolo.

I’d also like to mention the Canadian’s style is very similar to Davi Ramos’s game.

Davi Ramos (BJJHeroes)

  • Record: 47-26-0
  • Height: 5’6’ | Weight: 77kg | Age: 33
  • Wins: 26 SUB, 3 decisions, 17 points, 1 Advantage
  • Losses: 6 SUB, 2 Decision, 13 points, 3 Advantage
  • Noticeable Wins: Edwin Najmi, AJ Agazarm, Marcos Tinoco, Gilbert Burns
  • Noticeable Losses: Garry Tonon, Pedro Marinho, Lucas Lepri, Edwin Najmi
  • Current Ranking: NA | Last match: Pedro Marinho

Fighter’s Weaknesses:

Davi Ramos’s main weakness going into this match will be shaking off his “mat rust.”

Ramos has only competed four times since 2018 because he was focusing on his UFC career.

He will have difficulty competing with combat athletes who are training grappling full-time to his part-time jiu-jitsu training.

In other words, it is unknown whether Ramos’s body has retained its former conditioning.

Let’s see how he does against a younger, aggressive Dante Leon.

Fighter’s Strengths:

Davi Ramos is the 77kg 2015 ADCC gold medalist with a 75% submission rate at the Olympics of grappling: he’s not a person to be taken lightly.

Ramos is strong and explosive and can rip your arm out of its socket. The UFC veteran’s experience in cage grappling translates very well to the mats.

More than 50% of his wins come via submission, which means he’s not a player who stalls or tries to win by advantages.

He always hunting for submission.

During his match against Garry Tonon at F2W132, Ramos’s expertise in scrambling helped him escape multiple heel hook attempts.

And during Ramos’s prime, he favored an arm drag from both standing and seated guard that led into a takedown or a guard pass, sometimes both.

From there, Ramos would attack the back or armbar, which helped him secure multiple victories.

And if (that’s a big IF) he can catch Leon with a flying armbar, we will know Ramos’s grappling prowess has not diminished over time.


This is a hard match to call because both men have very similar styles. That said, I forecast Dante Leon will get the victory over Davi Ramos via referees’ decision or points.

If Dante Leon plays his standard game, Ramos will lag a move behind.

Dante Leon is explosive, robust, and highly technical, focusing on crab rides and Berimbolos that lead into back takes.

If he can synchronize his athletic prowess with his grappling technique, a veteran like Ramos won’t be able to match it.

I’m betting my money on the new generation, seven years

can be a big age difference.

On the other hand, we can’t wholly count out Davi Ramos, because we may see his MMA tenacity shine through during the match.

Afterall, this is a combat art where anything can happen.

That’s my prediction, what’s yours?


500pm Gracie Carrillo -130 vs Jessica Strole -130
507pm Jordan Catalano -185 vs Andres Garcia +130
514pm Kody Pallen -250 vs Erik Ibarra +145
521pm Kyle Parsons -130 vs Renato Bezerra Filho -130
528pm William McConnell -250 vs Peyton Pan +145
535pm Jonathan Mezheritskiy -155 vs Kekoa Ogawa +100
542pm Aidan Masse -250 vs Luciano Crews +145
549pm Cole Stevenson +130 vs Sean Pan -185
556pm Jimmy Zhen +100 vs Troy Ibañez +155
604pm Meredith Palmerlee -400 vs Lauren Sacks +200
612pm Brian Schinski -130 vs Brady Huang -130
620pm Tyler Shew -300 vs Jon Nelson Griffith +160
628pm John Ong -185 vs PJ McGrane +130
636pm Miguel Rios -130 vs Ivan Livio Rocha Sampaio -130
645pm Douglans Ancey -185 vs Anthony Arnal +130
654pm Osvaldo Amazonas -155 vs Cesar Gomez +100
703pm Giulia gregorut -400 vs Dorothy Dao +200
712pm Chris Vickers -185 vs Nick Gierock +130
721pm Calder Powers -155 vs Donovan Bader +100
730pm Corbin Bilund -300 vs Dan Dykeman +160
739pm Rafael Duarte -250 vs Alberto Juarez +145
749pm Vinicius Nunes -155 vs Mikey Gonzalez +100
759pm Dustin Akbari -600 vs Kolo Vida +300
809pm Nicholas Greene -300 vs Talal alrasheed +160
819pm David Mitchell -300 vs Nick BIrgel +160
829pm Connor Donaldson -250 vs Edward Hohl +145
839pm Manny Rocha -250 vs Renato Alves Valente -145
849pm Cassia Paixão -185 vs Joy Pendell Felkins +130
859pm Luis Gustavo Campos -250 vs Derek Van Ness +145
909pm Alan Sanchez -350 vs Osmar De Lima +175
919pm Angel Lopez +300 vs Sean Nickmorad -600
929pm Samir Chantre +160 vs Gianni Grippo -300
941pm Edwin Najmi -185 vs Jackson Nagai +130
953pm Davi Ramos +160 vs Dante Leon -300

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