F2W 185 Results: Yuri Simoes Defeats Fellipe Andrew In Main Event

Fight 2 Win 185 finished up an exciting night of matches in Seattle with an absolute banger of a main event between two-time ADCC champion Yuri Simoes and 2020 and 2021 Pans double-gold medalist Fellipe Andrew.

After wrestling on their feet for two minutes, Andrew tried to bring the match to the ground by shooting for a takedown. Simoes scrambled back to his feet and countered with a takedown of his own, briefly getting Andrew to the mat before the latter escaped Simoes’ control and got back to standing. Andrew then upped the aggression, shooting for another takedown and then working for a trip, which Simoes managed to defend. Simoes wrapped Andrew up in a body lock and brought him down, and though Andrew was able to wrestle his way back up to his feet, he had a harder time unclasping Simoes’ hands. The match returned to the feet once Andrew did manage to free himself from his opponent’s clutches.

More wrestling on the feet, and then Andrew tried to bring Simoes down again. Simoes countered a foot sweep attempt with a single-leg attempt. When another one of Andrew’s takedown attempts failed, he sat guard instead, shooting up for a triangle as Simoes tried to pass. Simoes defended successfully against the submission, then trying a double-unders pass that wasn’t enough to get him around Andrew’s legs. Andrew returned to standing and immediately charged forward to try to get Simoes to the canvas. When Simoes refused to go down, Andrew again pulled guard and put up a shin shield, working his way to closed guard. Andrew again opened his guard for a submission attempt, but Simoes saw it coming. With a minute and a half left, Simoes sat back for a toehold, and Andrew countered with a straight ankle lock. Simoes transitioned to a heel hook, then moved to a straight ankle lock in the final thirty seconds of the match. Both competitors spent the rest of the match belly-down, each one trying to finish the match with a straight ankle lock.

Yuri Simoes was declared the winner by unanimous decision.


  • Black Belt
  • Yuri Simoes def. Fellipe Andrew via decision (FOTN)
  • Fillipe Matos def. Gerson Atoigue via via decision
  • Charles Johnson def. Joe Marchie via RNC (SOTN)
  • Jeff Macatngay def. Hoc Do via decision
  • Brown Belt
  • Jacob Goudie def. Nick Birgel via heel hook
  • Terren Casson def. Anthony Campa via heel hook
  • Reed Wallace def. Jacob Ramirez via ankle lock
  • Steven Galvez def. Vincent Inoncillo via decision (FOTN)
  • Dan Dykeman def. Aasin Liberato via heel hook (SOTN)
  • Rob Larson def. Jeff Harmon via decision
  • Purple Belt
  • Luis Reyes def. Rick Zamora via split decision
  • Jesus Landin def. Benjamin Daniel Boutilier-Mow via kimura
  • Trent Nivala def. Dylan Melton via decision
  • Tyler Hayes def. Robert McGruder via decision
  • Marcel Morgan def. Devin Demello via RNC
  • Edson Alberto Penado def. Trystyn Schleicher via split decision (FOTN)
  • Blue Belts, Kids, & Teens
  • Kamryn Mason def. Rachel Park via armbar (FOTN)
  • Lincoln Deuel def. Kai Luther via guillotine
  • Anthony Zanders def. Isaac Padilla via triangle-armbar
  • Byron Fernandus def. Jon Nelson Griffith via RNC
  • Kiera Quinata def. Kana Luther via triangle
  • Jaden Mason def. Kyler Merritt via kimura (SOTN)
  • Karianne Baldwin def. Crystal Robertson via RNC
  • Kimberly Bodner def. Jayda Macantgay via kneebar


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