Felipe Pena Vs Andre Galvao Grudge Match Over?

Felipe Pena proves to the world that he doesn’t need TRT to enhance his game. He still got it. In fact, Felipe Pena Is on Fire after 1 Suspension.

In case you haven’t heard, Pena received a suspension because he failed a drug test. The one-year suspension occurred 2014. He admitted to using TRT cream, and officials accept his answer because their internal investigation proved it. The TestaEdge testosterone cream increases testosterone and male characteristics; the cream has no effect on his jiu-jitsu skills. However, the test says otherwise, and Pena accepted the punishment.

Felipe Pena Vs Andre Galvao Worlds 2014


Andre Galvao Posted On His Facebook:

Andre Galvao

Pena returns to jiu-jitsu competition, and he comes back strong. Official clears him to compete, and he is developing a winning streak. In Abu Dhabi, Pena enters the Abu Dhabi World Pro Absolute jiu-jitsu tournament where he is competing in the -94kg black belt category. Pena defeated opponents Marcio Andre, Claudio Calasans, Alexander Trans, and Dany Gerard to win the preliminary rounds. Upcoming fights include today’s semifinal against Andre Galvao and possibly Saturday’s finals against Jose Junior.

Felipe Pena Vs Andre Galvao World Pro Abu Dhabi 2016

Results show he beat Andre to land the -94kg black belt finals. Tomorrow’s fight against Jose has yet to occur. Moreover, Pena was to face another opponent prior to the finals. Because of his opponent’s inactivity to tournament officials, the opponent received a disqualification and he and Jose automatically advanced. Pena’s claim to fame is his well-rounded game and technical skill. His versatility makes him one of the toughest competitors to step foot on the mat. He is also no stranger to winning championships, as he won a silver medal from the ADCC, became a Copa Podio champion, and won the IBJJF championship.

felipe pena

The shocking thing about this tournament is fan and media favorites fell to underdogs and unexpected competitors. Favorites such as Andre Glavao, Roberto Cyborg, and Keenan Cornelius lost to another opponent (Andre to Pena), by referee decision (Cornelius), or by points (Cyborg).

The tough road from suspension to finalist was a rough one for Pena, but he remained calm, patient, and focused.


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