Gordon Ryan Infected with CoronaVirus

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Having to pull out of WNO is cheeks 😂. Unfortunately, myself and @craigjonesbjj both have covid and have to sit this one out. I have been sidelined for roughly a week with my main issue being lack of appetite/food. For informational purposes, i will make an in depth explanational video about my experience with covid and how it has effected me. Im actually in one of the higher risk groups to develop pneumonia since i have very bad chronic bronchitis (my parents smoked around me when i was young). Even if i was over covid i felt it wasn't right to show up and compete for the fans without a proper training camp. Sorry to all the fans, to flo, and most importantly, to @ronaldojuniorbjj, who was ready and willing to compete. Lets make this match happen before September, if im still alive. If i die in the next week feel free to throw a party and be glad someone else can actually win something now 🤣. Ps- @garrytonon is gonna steal the show.

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