Get Both Arms and Legs Synched to Peruvian Necktie Like A High Belt Assassin

Want to submit an opponent with the rolling strength of, as Keenan Cornelius bills it, “the wind descending down into the valleys of the Andes?” Then you’re going to have to master the multi-limb coordination which makes the Peruvian Necktie such an effective form of windpipe-crushing domination.

Cornelius explains that the Peruvian is especially suited to those times you’re not going to get a deep strangle or shoulder pressure positioned–it’s a great tool for when the grip around your partner’s neck is shallow. Your hamstring on the back of your opponent’s neck is what will drive their throat into your wrists, which will be waiting under the chin like a tiny death hammock. Gravity and the leverage from your other leg across their back does the rest of the work, making this a great option for people who gas out during squeezes or struggle with upper body strength. Give it a look:


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