Gracie Breakdown: Why Conor McGregor’s Guillotine Failed To Submit Dustin Poirier At UFC 264

If you were one of the many, many people who watched the main event of UFC 264, you saw the unforgettable moment when Conor McGregor‘s leg folded beneath him after the end of the first round against Dustin Poirier. But while Poirier dominated the second half of the round, there was a moment in which it looked like McGregor may have ended things early.

Earlier in the round, McGregor wrapped his arm around Poirier’s neck and sat back for a guillotine choke. While the choke may have finished off a lesser opponent, Poirier is a BJJ black belt, and he was able to expose the flaws in McGregor’s attack to escape and get the upper hand.

In the latest Gracie Breakdown, Rener Gracie and Jiu-Jitsu Times writer Arman Fathi team up to demonstrate what went right and what went wrong for McGregor and Poirier during the guillotine choke. Check it out and see if you can use these details to improve your own guillotine chokes (and guillotine escapes).



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