GrappleArts Offering Free Instructional To Anyone Not Training Because Of COVID-19

The gyms may be closing, but instructors all over the world are making sure that hungry jiu-jitsu students are still getting the BJJ education they need. Now, Stephan Kesting of GrappleArts is the latest expert to join the list of coaches making online content more accessible to jiu-jitsu students while gyms are closed and people are self-isolating due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Kesting announced on the GrappleArts social media that he would be offering one free instructional to anyone who isn’t training right now due to the virus:

One free #BJJ instructional for anyone who has stopped training because of #covid_19, no catch. To help you through these tough times I will give you any one of my instructional’s for free (one per person) in either an online streaming format or an app based format. Just email with 1) the name of the instructional you want, 2) whether you want it in online streaming or app form, and 3) if you want it in app form whether you use iOS or android.

I’m pretty sure we are going to get absolutely slammed with requests, so you’ll have to bear with us for a day or two or three while we get your request processed.

Thank you for not training and for helping flatten the curve

Stephan Kesting

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Kesting was one of the first major figures in jiu-jitsu to call on other people to stop training, and now, those who have listened to that advice will be rewarded for helping to “flatten the curve.”

Kesting joins other instructors, including Bernardo Faria and John Danaher, in making high-quality online jiu-jitsu instruction free for grapplers during the outbreak.


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