Holly Holm Vs Cyborg Superfight Looming On The Horizon

Until recently, Ronda Rousey’s dominance inside the octagon has made people clamor for the one opponent that could potentially give her trouble: Cris ‘Cyborg’. Weight has been a major obstacle but the latter has already started cutting mass to bridge the gap. However, Rousey’s devastating defeat at the hands of Holly Holm has completely changed the landscape. The match everyone has been hoping for is off the table — for now.

That may be a good thing depending on who you ask. Now we’re looking at the possibility of having the new champion go up against one of the fiercest females in all of MMA. It’s the kind of title defense that would generate massive publicity. If Holm wins and Rousey has bounced back, then a rematch could follow. If Cyborg wins, then the dream match is back on. Holm wouldn’t back down from Cyborg superfight according to her coach Mike Winkeljohn.

Winkeljohn said in an interview with talkingbrawlsmma that Holm never turns down a fight. The coach is impressed with Cyborg’s strength and skills but points out that she has a lot of weaknesses they can exploit as well. It’s still a big question where or not the Brazilian can make 135 pounds but Holm would be there to fight her if she does.


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