How To Deal With People Wearing Tap Out Shirts


Anybody who has ever watched a mixed martial arts event of any kind, from any promotion, will undoubtedly see folks wearing Tapout shirts in the audience. This has been going on for nearly two decades now and there has been one thing us non-Tapout shirt wearing fans want to know and that is exactly How To Deal With People Wearing Tap Out Shirts. Luckily, the folks at FND Films and the Tapout Crew have put a video out on Youtube that shows us how to deal with these shirt wearing folks and if you want to know what to do…you need to check out the video.


  1. Awesome, however, there was a time in history, well before the douchebaggery that we have now, where tapout was only worn by the brotherhood of cool people who only train. Probably 25 per big city nationwide. Tapout the company did a ton for MMA in the beginning, lest we not forget.

  2. The Tapout brand is good quality clothing but it's downfall was making it cheap & selling it in places like Sports Direct which made it more accessible to people who don't train & just like the idea of it. Unfortunately, there are a minority like those in the video. I like the design, even if some of it is a bit 'loud' but it has become a bit frowned upon. Shame really……..

  3. Depends what country u in for example in Poland people know tapout means u are a fighter and mostly fighters wear that kind of clothing. But yeah posers are everywhere **** them in the ***

  4. I got two shorts from sports and soccer (a national budget sport store) they fall apart pretty quickly. What the brand was then and as it is now is entirely a **** brand

  5. David just wear any blinkin' jersey you want. The video is a parable, like aesops fables, it's the a'hole attitude not the shirt.

  6. David Hooper Your opinion was in the minority for that time. I started BJJ in early 98 myself, there was nothing "douchey" about a shirt with a logo on it in the mecca of MMA and jiujitsu
    (Southern California). It wasn't until posers started with ILS (irritable lat syndrome) and the ridiculous slogans on the shirts that garnished them were put into production where the whole line became ridiculous. At the time, there was only about 3 MMA clothing brands, Tapout was the first of them. Used to hang out with the guys before KOTC shows etc on the side of the road before they were even allowed to enter events. This was well before they were "characters"…just your average guys that trained (with the exception of skrape) who loved the sport and supported the fighters. We call them the "dark days".

  7. Timmy Ford I guess it was just a bit of a different scene in Newfoundland. it seemed to me that the thugs were much quicker to catch on to tap out than anyone who trained. Although I'm probably just slightly mis remembering based on the preferences of my small crowd of close friends, I've never much cared for visible branding of any kind unless it means something to me like my leo santos nova uniao shirts

  8. David Hooper

    Probably. Pretty much every big fighter you can think in the old school wore tapout at that time…everyone else followed. Extreme sports and the clothes that represent the sports are were big here.

  9. All my tap out, affiliation, throwdown, whatever.. is sadly in the back of my closest waiting for the day it will be cool for people who train to wear it again.. 🙁

  10. since the creation of tapout, anyone anywhere wearing that logo was immediately looked at like he was a douchebag by every member of the mixed martial arts community. We knew that it was a clothing brand made by weirdos who were at most shitty fighters that were trying to cash in. Anyone from the actual fight community would wear clothes from the gym they train at out of pride and/or to help promote.. or to show off cause theyre douchebags lol

  11. Bruce Vayne O'RLY? you are talking out of your hipster ***.

    You should tell Cowboy, Dan Henderson, Roy Nelson, Ryan Bader, Jake Shields, Chris Lytle, Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, Rich Franklin, Pat Barry, Rumble Johnson, Nate Marquardt, Kenny Florian and ton's more how "shitty" they are. Or maybe they are shitty compared to your record? what is it btw? your record?

  12. Timmy Ford youre one of those people who should read things more than once before you comment lol or not comment at all, a foot in your mouth would go a long way. maybe take time to understand what it is that someone is talking about before you give a retort lol Hipster ***? lmao not one of those fighters you mentioned had anything to do with making those clothes. ******

  13. Bruce Vayne

    "anyone anywhere wearing that logo was immediately looked at like he was a douchebag by every member of the mixed martial arts community"

    This is pretty true now but not then, it's pure bullshit actually claiming that the brand was always frowned upon.

    Are the fighters I listed looked at as douchebags by everyone in the MMA community ? because that is exactly what you said. Furthermore, I have been around and trained with OG killers of this sport since near it's inception of it in the states, which many of them wore tapout at one time or another, these are the guys you are attacking with your too cool for school "I hated it before it was cool" post. Also you have some balls to call a warrior like Mike Guymon a shitty fighter.

    Additionally, the owners did more than anyone in the grass roots of it, sponsoring and giving back to the sport when you doing what exactly?. Keep in mind, this was way, way before Canada was even remotely relevant in the scene. A time when Harold Howard and Dave Beneteau were the best talent out of the north. It's not that hard to acknowledge and have a tiny bit of respect for some guys that did nothing but help for many years when the sport was in the dark ages. Even if you didn't witness it like we did.

  14. one. you quoted my "shitty" remark after listing mainstream fighters who no one would call douchebags for wearing clothes they were paid to wear, it is called sponsoring or hey thanks for the free shirt, even though a couple of them were in fact dbags due to many other reasons.

    two. I never brought up Mike Guymon.. if you saw him wearing a tapout shirt once and decided to bring him up because of my generalization. Oh well **** Mike Guymon, the only person who ever beat worth noting was yoshida and that was a shitty mud fight that went to decision.

    three. OG Killers.. HAHAHAHAHA closest OG you and your friends have ever come close to killing was likely some old grandma.

    four. you act like these guys were doing favors for the sport when everything they ever did put money in their pockets or drew attention themselves and their brand which in the end put more money in said pockets. they were a couple of guys who trained, tried to fight, sucked, then realized their was money to be made without taking punches to the face.

    Last. Sorry for generalizing when I said anyone anywhere when I really wasnt talking about fighters. I was talking about the usual joe or tools not unlike yourself and your OG crew. It's pretty easy to tell that you were so obviously wounded by my dbag comments because you were one of those wannabe fighter fags who walked around puffin up his chest with a big ol "I tapped early" shirt on.

  15. I wear Tapout clothing because I'm an MMA fan and I like the designs…I don't need any other reason to wear their stuff.

  16. Bruce Vayne

    1: Listen Batdork, take the jokers **** out of your mouth for a second and use your brain. You obviously don't even know that Mike Guymon is an original founder of tapout, that was my reason for bringing him up, you labeled him a shitty fighter and I am willing to bet his record and credentials crushes your Larpery and internet tough guy skills 10 fold. You are basically the real life equivalent of the guy in the video with a keyboard.

    2: No, the crew did it for the love of the sport and the fighters, there was no money and no future for the sport. I have seen this first hand, you however have not, mostly because you were in the elementary school somewhere in the north jacking off and completely oblivious about MMA entirely.

    3 Your knowledge of the roots and generally disrespectful nature, lends anyone to believe you are nothing more than a newb to the sport who hides behind a fictitious name on the internet to fill some unfortunate void you have in your life probably concerning not having the balls to be direct and say what's on your mind as a real person. This is often done by dorks through anonymity, it's been well documented and we are laughing at you for it.

  17. he is a shitty fighter lol probably why he tried to off himself years back. only one with a jokers **** in his mouth is you with your obvious drooling over mr "people call me that because im always smiling"

  18. When I was an amateur fighter I would wear fight stuff, Cleto Reyes shirts or a gym shirt, but I don't anymore, because guys mad dog me enough. I never knew a boxer that acted like the guys in this skit. They generally leave their fight in the ring. After training for four hours a night six nights a week, you don't have too much left over to act like a hardon.

  19. Lol it's kinda like the new Ed Hardy. Sad it used to be legit, now a lot of douchebags wear it and give it a bad rep.

  20. After the comments Bruce vane and timmy Ford matched back and forth..they should get in the ring haha I’d pay money to watch that! Internet tough guys beating each other.. amazing.

  21. The funniest part is the comments when lil Timmy ford and Butt plug Bruce vayne whip out their AR-keyboard and start strait destroying eachother (pew pew)
    Both of them battling it out with their witty comments fiercly competing for the BIGGEST DOUSCHBAG IN THE UNIVERSE AWARD (which they tied for first by the way)

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  23. Only ones with TapouT clothing issues are the same cats who wore TapouT only as a fad in the first place. The same cats and jerk offs making this video. Calling anyone the TapouT Crew other thank Pank ***, Scrape and Mask is an jack *** of a statement and if cared inything for the memory of Charles Lewis and for what more than those six letters stood for and represented to true warriors in life you would step back realize and pay homage and take down that video.. love to hear cats talk like that in person it gets interesting real quick and real fast … B3LI3VE

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