Jessica Rose-Clark Battles Bec Rawlings To Split Decision Win

Bec Rawlings and Jessica Rose-Clark showed everyone that fighting “like a girl” is anything but an insult. These women fought for blood in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 121.

They started out with a brutal exchange. Nice 1-2 by Rose-Clark and she followed with a leg kick. Takedown and Rawlings was in Rose-Clark’s guard. Jessica held on and Rawlings passed to half guard. Rawlings went for an arm bar but Jessica got out and into half guard. The two got back up and started throwing bombs again at each other. This was not a “cat fight.” These women were swinging for the fences.

Round 2. Rawlings’ coach asked her to start doubling up her attacks. Rose-Clark stayed along the perimeter, stinging her opponent with punches. Rawlings chased Jessica, tagging her with punches of her own. Bec went in for the clinch and pressed Jessica up against the fence in a 50-50 position, but Rose-Clark reversed it. Big knee by Rose-Clark.

Back in the middle. Jessica threw a big 1-2 but missed. Bec returned but Rose charged in, backing Bec to the fence and taking her down. Rose-Clark was on Rawlings’ back, looking like she was going for a head and arm choke. Bec, however, had her leg, preventing Jessica from getting her hips low. Rose-Clark moved to mount and landed two elbows.

Round 3 and the two started out aggressively. Bec’s coach told her she needed this round, and the message apparently got through. Bec chased her opponent around the perimeter, tagging her with punches, but Rose-Clark tagged back. These two were treating each other’s faces like punching bags. This was like the female version of Sanchez vs Melendez.  Nice body kick by Rose-Clark, and another that caused Bec to stumble. Both women threw leather, but while Bec stayed up top, Jessica utilized her kicks well.

Good right hand by Rawlings and Rose-Clark looked hurt.  Rawlings took Rose-Clark to the cage and wrestled her down. However, she couldn’t do much from there, and Jessica worked her way up and turned the tables on Bec, pressing her up against the cage and wrestling her to the ground. Rose-Clark ended up on top and ended the match strong, landing some solid punches on her downed opponent.

Bec Rawlings put up one Hell of a fight, but Rose-Clark did just a little bit more, and took the fight via split decision.



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