Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Defeating Multiple Military / Army Soldiers Back to Back!!

There are a seemingly unending amount of awesome stories that folks can tell about the legendary Gracie Family, but there is a new story now that can be added to the list as there is video showing Rener Gracie defeating Multiple Military / Army Soldiers Back to Back!! That’s right folks, a member of the legendary Gracie Family has been defeating multiple members of the military in back to back fights like it is the least challenging thing ever. The legend of the Gracie Family continues to grow and with stories like these, the legend will never ever stop growing.



  1. More breaking NEWS from Kit Canaria!!! ALL the latest, up to date material you can imagine!!!! YAYYY!!!!

    Who cares if it’s six+ years old news taken from Gracie Breakdown on YouTube today? Really? REALLY???

    This Canaria fellow just takes the absolute cake with trumpeting things like this to the world as if they’re brand new when Its Already Been Done; most likely by the same guy right here over and over and over again on this very forum.

    THIS piece ISN’T NEWS and IT’S NOT NEW, Mr Canaria. It took place 6 or so YEARS AGO. You want to tell people about the Gracies and and some NEWS? How about Eve getting promoted to Purple belt? How about some insights on the Bully Proof program and it’s success? What about some Women Empowered success stories? Or would that be too much effort to go to for a fine, fine, fine, fine Journalist like you?

    No need to answer, ‘sir’. I think everyone knows the answer to that question…..


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