Jiu-Jitsu Guy Punched While Playing BasketBall And Used BJJ For Self Defense


A student from Alliance Jiu-Jitsu

Self defense. EVERYTHING in BJJ comes back to self defense. From Rolls Gracie to Romero Jacare to Fabio Gurgel to Damian Hirtz to our newest white belt, every Alliance athlete learns self defense. Without the fundamental “soul” of jiu-jitsu you have nothing.

One of our purple belts was recently sucker punched while playing basketball. A very basic and typical sequence ensued: Punch cover, clinch, headlock defense to the back and choke. When the attacker’s friends intervene he transitions as necessary ending in a heel hook position.

What are the lessons? Good BJJ is Good BJJ in any scenario. Violent altercations are unpredictable and very, very quick. Basketball is too violent.

(note: There is some rough language. That is also a real part of violent altercations)



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