Jiu-Jitsu OT The Featherweights FULL Results: Ethan Crelinsten Defeats Keith Krikorian

– First Round
Spencer Mumme defeats Frank RosenthalSubmission Via Armbar (32 Seconds)
Elias Anderson defeats Gabriel DaffronSubmission Via Armbar (22 Seconds)
Mike Davila defeats Geoff RealFastest Escape
Ethan Crelinsten defeats Sergio hernandezSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke (54 Seconds)
Keith Krikorian defeats Cody OwensSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke
John Battle defeats Donnie OrtegoSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke (43 Seconds)
Michael Currier defeats Marcelo CohenSubmission Via Neck Crank (10 Seconds)
Pablo Alfonso defeats Luis Quinones Submission Via Rear Naked Choke (27 Seconds)
– Quarter Finals
Elias Anderson defeats Spencer MummeSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke
Ethan Crelinsten defeats Mike DavilaSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke (57 Seconds)
Keith Krikorian defeats John BattleSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke (28 Seconds)
Pablo Alfonso defeats Michael CurrierSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke
– Semi Finals
Ethan Crelinsten defeats Elias AndersonSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke (16 Seconds 2nd OT)
Keith Krikorian defeats Pablo AlfonsoSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke (10 Seconds)
– Special Match
Anthony Birchak defeats Dominic SalcedoSubmission Via Rear Naked Choke (59 Seconds)
Grace Gundrum vs Danielle Kelly

In the finals, Keith Krikorian faced off against Ethan Crelinsten.

The match started off with Krikorian on Crelinsten’s back, immediately locking on a body triangle. However, Crelinsten was able to get both shoulders to the mat and escape within about 30 seconds. As they started in the reverse position, with Crelinsten now on the back and with a body triangle, Krikorian tried to roll out of the position, but Crelinsten rolled with him, and the two ended up having to be reset in the center. Crelinsten worked on controlling Krikorian’s arms, and the two once again rolled to the edge of the mat and had to be reset with about a minute on the clock. Krikorian found an opening and began to roll out, and Crelinsten briefly attempted an armbar, but wasn’t able to finish, and Krikorian slipped out to give Crelinsten about a minute and 30 seconds of ride time.

The second round had a fast start, with Crelinsten managing to get his shoulders out of Krikorian’s back control rather quickly. Though Krikorian managed to briefly hold on, Crelinsten escaped the position in about 15 seconds. The bottom of the second round was even quicker, with Krikorian exploding away from Crelinsten’s back control as soon as time started. Crelinsten ended up in mount, giving him about seven seconds of ride time.

Krikorian locked in a body triangle in the top of the third round, seeming to go for a neck crank, but Crelinsten was able to shift his weight and roll his way on top to end up inside Krikorian’s guard to end the first half of the round. In the final few minutes, Krikorian again attempted to explode right out of the gate and roll out of Crelinsten’s back control, but Crelinsten managed to hold his body triangle and get both underhooks on Krikorian. Krikorian nearly managed to roll out, but Crelinsten adjusted and managed to keep the position. Finally, Crelinsten tried to isolate an arm, giving Krikorian an opening to come up inside Crelinsten’s guard.

After the times had been added up, Crelinsten was awarded the championship title via fastest escape time.


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