JiuJitsu: Beyond bullying and self-defense

I’d like to stop and take a moment to reflect on Brazilian jiu-jitsu; the benefits of regular physical activity, and fun! We live in a world where, too often, the quick gratification and readiness of the “quick push of a button” has diminished the effect of hard work and dedication.

I’ve read many articles regarding Brazilian Jiujitsu and self-defense… Readying a child or person for and empowering them against bullies and unwanted advances. The concepts discussed in this video apply to adults AND children. Bullying is prevalent in today’s society; not just in schools but in the work place as well.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu offers many positives and the above is not to be discounted. More and more people are gaining confidence along with valuable life lessons and skills. Again, while the following video focuses on kids, the concepts apply to all.

This is wonderful. It’s awesome! Don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say. In a world where technology supersedes a phone call or handwritten letter, BJJ slows everything down. It demands your undivided attention and concentration. It blocks the outside world, and for a time, submerges you in a land of movement, thought, and physical effort.

As a parent, coach (of several sports) and practitioner of Brazilian Jiujitsu I’d like to point out the pros of BJJ versus other activities.

1. BJJ doesn’t have a season. It’s an “all the time” activity. Winter rain sleet snow, any season, any where…
2. It’s truly family oriented. An entire family can train, together, for however many days. Not only that but travel, competitions, learning… Happens together!!
3. Minimal equipment needed! As a coach I find this fabulous and fantastic! No lugging around cones, balls, water coolers, etc etc. Just you, your belt and a gi.
4. Brazilian jiu Jitsu doesn’t require you to be an athlete, brainiac, or specific gender. It does require commitment (such a rare thing nowadays).
5. FUN! Please let’s not forget that fun, enjoyment, the intrinsic satisfaction gained by learning a move, being around like-minded people, and achieving your goals is paramount… For anyone.


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