Top 10 Jiu-Jitsu Holiday Wish List


Well now that Thanksgiving is over and we are all recovering from some serious food comas, we now are entering the gift giving time of the year. No matter what you celebrate, if you’re like me, you want to find the perfect gifts for people! This can definitely be tough and a chaotic time of year. Between all the shoppers, long lines, and endless cups of coffee, the holiday season can be overwhelming. I am sure many of you have already begun your shopping (or if you do what I do and wait until the last minute) here is a helpful Holiday Wish List for the people who train (or want to start training) in your life. What is a better way to show your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, or anyone else you care about, by buying them an awesome gift to benefit their training?

1. New Gi– Who wouldn’t love this?! A new gi is perfect for anyone who trains in your life, or even for someone who is on the line about starting training. If you buy them that Gi, they have to put it to use right? There are some great brands out there at affordable prices. If you’re shopping for a female, you can find Gis especially made for them as well such as the Fenom Gi, which even allows you to choose the size for the top and bottom separately. Giving a new Gi as a gift would put a smile on any BJJ lover’s face.

2. New Spats/Rashguards– Everyone can always use these. Whether to wear to Nogi or under the gi during training, these are always a great gift. Whether youre looking for IBJJF approved ones, or ones that are for casual wear, there are some great designs out there. One of my favorites is Meerkatsu And Albino & Preto. The artwork on them is awesome and fun! Another cool brand is by Pony Club Grappling Gear.  They have the “Little Foot” rashguard. A rashguard with dinos on it? I’d take it.


3. Jits Grips– Now these are AWESOME. Everyone should always be working on their grip strength and these are the perfect gift just for that. They have two Gi sleeves with metal rings as well as a latex resistance band with spring hooks. Who needs a training partner to work on grips, when you have these on hand? You can work on those grips now whenever you want! Check them out at

Jits Grip


4. Hoodies/Tees/Sweats-There is a ton of BJJ apparel out there.  Even off the mat, we all love to rep out sport. Buy the BJJ lover in your life something fun to wear even when off the mats.














5. DVD sets– Fantastic gift especially because there are SO many! A great sight to find these on is Whether you want Caio Terra’s half guard techniques or maybe something from BJJ Phenom Keenan Cornelius or from the best Romulo Barral, this site has it! Great gift for someone to have to learn more even when they are not in the gym.

romulo barral dvd


6. Soap, soap, soap!- Cleanliness is a HUGE factor in BJJ. Who wants ringworm? Gross. There are some great soaps made specifically for those who train on the mats. This is a great stocking stuffer idea. Some awesome brands are FightSoap, GiSoap, and The Armbar Soap Company. They smell good and are always a nice accessory to have for anyone who trains.  Also, Defense Wipes are great as well.

fight soap


7. Beneficial tools to training-There are other tools we use to help our BJJ. Buy the gift of strength training with kettle bells! Or pick up a foam roller to help with all the sore muscles we all face. Grab a Bosu ball to help with balance or ab workouts. Any of these are a great compliment to BJJ. Also, a gift certificate for a massage is another great idea. Easy and convenient, these are perfect. Anyone who trains would greatly appreciate a massage especially after tough training sessions.



8. Private Lessons– If someone got this for me, I would be PUMPED. Privates are good for someone who trains currently, or even for someone who has just started and maybe wants some extra one on one time. Whether you get them from your coach or another elite BJJ player, anyone would be stoked about these. It can be pricey, but BJJ knowledge is invaluable, so it is worth it.


9. Supplements / Pre workout/ Protein– It’s all about the Gains right?! Buy the gift of gains with protein. No one can ever have too much of this. I personally love GNC Amplified Whey Muscle Pharm It’s a necessity to every athlete’s diet.  Pre-workout and other supplements are nice too. All depends on who you are shopping for and what they like, but you really can’t go wrong here. Also, protein bars are perfect for stocking stuffers. Check out KC Bars by Kill Cliff. They taste awesome and part of the proceeds goes to military and veteran charities. Can’t go wrong there

10. Gift card for food– Everyone loves food and if you’re like me you try to eat as healthy as possible to benefit your training and your body. Grab a gift card to a store like Whole Foods. We all know how expensive clean eating can be, so anyone who takes their diet seriously would most certainly appreciate the gift of healthy food!


Hope this list helps with some ideas. Happy Shopping!


  1. Great list! I bought two items from this list as a gift for my boyfriend. I also bought a few soaps from the Armbar Soap Company as stocking stuffers for his training partners. Thanks!

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