John Danaher Announces He Will Be Moving To Puerto Rico To Coach Some Of His Top Students

After Gordon Ryan announced that he’d moved to Puerto Rico a few days ago, many people assumed that he wouldn’t be the only one from Renzo Gracie HQ to relocate there from NYC. Now, John Danaher, the celebrated coach of the “Danaher Death Squad,” has revealed that he will also be moving to the U.S. island.

In a social media post, Danaher expressed his love and appreciation for New York City and all that it’s taught him over the years, adding that “the future is always uncertain” and “no change is permanent” in reference to his big move.

“New York: My life is probably a lot like yours. It’s been filled with moments of success followed by failure, of joy following sadness. Cycles of up and down, good and bad. Through all of that there was one constant in my life – New York City.

Whenever I traveled around the country and the globe there was always a special feeling of happiness when I returned and saw that unmistakable skyline. Washington may be America’s capital, but New York is the WORLD’S capital. It attracts the best and most driven people from around the globe into a concentrated mess of industry, innovation, eclecticism and evolution. It either builds you up or smashes you down. This was reflected in the many incredible teachers and students I had here in New York over quarter of a century. I had many great teachers and many great friends, but in the end, New York was the greatest teacher and friend of them all. It taught me the power of motivation allied with diversity of inputs funneled into a common purpose toughened and refined by open competition.

The city has changed a lot in my time here – I’ve changed a lot too – but my changes aren’t complete yet – there are some projects ahead – and they won’t be done in New York City. No change is permanent, the future is always uncertain, plans can change in the face of changing circumstances and you can always come back from where you’re going, but for now it’s time to move on in order to move forward.

I will soon be moving with some of my students to Puerto Rico to try a new philosophy of teaching and refining our beloved art that I hope can widen our reach and contribute something significant to the continued growth of Jiu jitsu.”

Attack the Back has also reported that Craig Jones will also be making the move to Puerto Rico, but so far, Jones has only commented on his living situation with jokes about moving into Ryan’s old house with Danaher. We’ll keep you posted on any other big athletes who choose to make Puerto Rico their new home.


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