Joseph Baena, Bodybuilder & Son Of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Starts Training BJJ

Joseph Baena is now on track to becoming both strong and good at choking people.

The 23-year-old bodybuilder, whose father is famous actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, revealed on social media that he has taken the first steps to starting his BJJ journey, training with brown belt Thomas Kocer and 2017 No-Gi World Champion Arnaldo Maidana at Checkmat Northridge in California.

“It’s fun getting your *** kicked every once in a while! Excited to keep learning”

Baena’s father has also taken an interest in jiu-jitsu, but mostly from the sidelines at the Arnold Sports Festival. Schwarzenegger has watched the BJJ competition at the eponymous tournament over the years. He even went out of his way to chat with a BJJ competitor who was injured on the mats about a year ago.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Baena continues his jiu-jitsu journey, though with arms like his, we feel bad for anyone who gets put in his rear naked choke. He’ll also be making his big Hollywood debut in the film The Chariot, which is currently in post-production. Keep an eye out for this young man on the mats and on the big screen.


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