Keenan Cornelius To Represent BJJ Globetrotters At IBJJF Worlds This Year

Image Source: BJJ Globetrotters/ Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Following his recent departure from Atos, Keenan Cornelius has stated in an interview with FloGrappling that he will compete under the BJJ Globetrotters banner for IBJJF Worlds this year.

BJJ Globetrotters, headed by Christian Graugart (who has confirmed via Facebook comment that Cornelius would be signing up with the organization), is a “no-politics” jiu-jitsu community designed for travelers. They are registered with the IBJJF, and athletes who want to compete, but don’t have a “home academy” are invited to sign up through the organization. Given that Cornelius hasn’t yet aligned himself with any particular organization since leaving Atos, the decision to sign up with Globetrotters makes sense for him.

In the interview, Cornelius says that he hasn’t yet decided whether to compete at heavyweight or super-heavyweight, but chose to compete under BJJ Globetrotters because they’re “lenient” and let you sign up with “no strings attached.” So far, it seems that Cornelius has been doing just fine visiting different academies as a BJJ nomad, so he may end up as an unofficial mascot for all the wanderlust-infected grapplers out there.


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