Kron Gracie On MMA Debut: “I didn’t train to pull guard. It simply happened”

Kron Gracie, who is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu phenomenon, recently fought Hyoong Soo Kim in his professional MMA debut. He finished the 160-pound catchweight with an armbar, and it only took him 65 seconds. Kron stated he was expecting the right to last at least 25 minutes, but is grateful that the right ended much sooner.

In a recent interview with, he stated his first fight was a good fight, and he is extremely happy he won. He stated he is very happy with his training. Gracie also stated he did his best to win the right.

Rickson Gracie, who is Kron’s father, was in the corner cheering him on during the right. Even though Kron is thrilled to have the support of his father, that is not what drives him the most. Kron says he is his own biggest’s critic. He sees areas that are in need of improvement and will work hard to improve them.

Kron says he is far from where he wants to be and will spend a lot of time working on the areas that need improvement. He admits he is a perfectionist and never sees himself as 100 percent. He says he is not happy when something is really good because it can always get much worse. Kron also compares fighting to life. He says every fight is an experience, and life is an experience.

Kron also says he cannot look to his father anymore because he is in the ring by himself. Even though he just completed his first MMA fight, he is already looking forward to his next fight. He told he wants to fight his next MMA fight as soon as possible. Kron says he is just waiting to negotiate his next fight.


“I didn’t train to pull guard. It simply happened,” he said. “I don’t think he let me do this, I just think he didn’t have much option. The way I pulled guard, it was tough (for him to escape). I don’t think he expected that. And me neither. It was something that happened that moment, and it’s hard to defend for something you don’t expect.”

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Kron Gracie MMA Debut


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