LinkedIn’s San Francisco Office Offering Jiu-Jitsu Classes For Employees

In the highly competitive internet industry, companies strive to give big benefits to attract and retain the best and the brightest employees. Employers and employees know that there is so much more to the monetary award. Thus, they are often in the lookout for that extra bonus, that determining factor in hiring and deciding to work, whether these be gym memberships, fancy cafeterias, or even video game arcades.

According to businessinsider LinkedIn’s new San Francisco office offering jiu-jitsu classes for employees brings workplace perks to a whole new level. While one may cringe at the thought of bloody noses and fractured bones, LinkedIn’s classes are Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes also known as BJJ. Unlike traditional jiu-jitsu, BJJ focuses only on grappling and throwing without any striking. Thai boxing is also available twice a week, as well as yoga and meditation sessions. These activities are accessible at the company’s own gym located at 222 Second Street in San Francisco’s Soma neighborhood.

Indeed, LinkedIn’s efforts to promote holistic employee development are worthy to note. After all, a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee.


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