Luke Rockhold: “I Think Sport Jiu-Jitsu Has Gone Down A Bad Path”

Luke Rockhold is preparing for his Polaris 12 main event match with ADCC silver medalist Nick Rodriguez, and the fighter isn’t mincing words when it comes to what he thinks of how jiu-jitsu is evolving.

In a preview for the event, Rockhold shared his thoughts on today’s jiu-jitsu and talked about his back story in martial arts. If you’re a guard puller or leg locker, beware: Rockhold isn’t pleased with what he perceives as jiu-jitsu’s separation from its roots in self-defense, and he’s not afraid to say it.

Watch the preview for the event below, and make sure you’re watching when Rockhold vs. Rodriguez, plus many other exciting matches when Polaris 12 streams live on UFC Fight Pass this Saturday, November 30.


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