Man Tries To Rob Woman In Front Of Her Son’s BJJ School & You Can Guess What Happened Next

We’ve said it many times, and we’ll say it again: don’t try to rob or attack anyone, ever, but especially not in front of a jiu-jitsu academy.

One man allegedly made this mistake in Brazil when he tried to rob a woman, using a fake gun and a real knife to try to frighten her into turning over her valuables. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize that he was committing the deed right in front of the school where the woman’s son trained jiu-jitsu.

According to a post from Rener Gracie, what happened next was that the owner of the academy, BJJ black belt Cássio Júnior Barão, came out of the gym along with some other people in the academy, and Barão took the assailant down and held him in a choke from the back until the police arrived after the robber was relieved of his weapons.

Gracie says the instructor later released a video acknowledging that his decision to confront the attacker was irresponsible, saying that his decision to do so was based on instinct and that anyone placed in a similar situation should simply give the mugger the material possessions they ask for.

You can watch the video for yourself below:


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