Max Holloway Donates Signed Gloves To Dustin Poirier’s Charity After Losing To Him At UFC 236

Image Source: Max Holloway via Instagram

There are people who lose graciously, and then there’s Max Holloway.

The BJJ purple belt and featherweight UFC fighter lost his lightweight fight in the main event of UFC 236 against Dustin Poirier, but he wasted no time in contributing to a cause bigger than the one inside the Octagon. After the event, Holloway presented Poirier with the signed gloves he’d fought with, intending for them to be auctioned off for Poirier’s charity organization, The Good Fight.

Poirier (a BJJ black belt himself) has a history of donating his fight gear to raise funds for charitable causes. This time around, he announced that the money raised would go towards creating an accessible playground for children with disabilities. The playground will be built in Poirier’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana and will be dedicated to a child named Aaron Hill. Aaron passed away from a rare brain disease, but he had dreamed of having a playground where he and other disabled children could just be kids together.

Poirier is now working to make Aaron’s dream a reality, and thanks to his opponent’s thoughtful and generous contribution, he’s that much closer to his goal. In a social media video following the event, Poirier thanked Holloway for the fight and the donation, telling him, “You are a champion.”

Learn more about The Good Fight and donate to the cause here.


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