McDojo Life Starts Crowdfunding For Documentary Exposing Fake Martial Arts

By now, most of us have seen at least one cringe-worthy video of some “martial arts” instructor pretending like he can evade multiple attackers without even touching them. Of course, the concept seems utterly ridiculous to those who know better. But there are gullible and vulnerable people who believe that this stuff actually works, and they’re both filling the wallets of these scam instructors and giving themselves false confidence that they can defend themselves without doing a whole lot of anything.

McDojoLife has made a name for themselves by exposing and calling out these fake martial artists and their scammy ways, and now, they want to go big with it. Back in November, McDojoLife revealed that they had plans to create a documentary diving into the strange world of no-touch self-defense and other fake martial arts, and now, they’ve officially started fundraising for the project.

The McDojoLife crew plan to go all-in with this documentary, interviewing everyone from these fake martial arts instructors to professional psychologists to become the ultimate guide on self-defense scams. If you’re considering donating or just want to learn more about what the project will entail, check out the McDojoLife website and watch the video below:


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