Miesha Tate Happy Cyborg Punched Angela Magana

Angela Magana is not getting much sympathy after being punched in the mouth by Invicta Featherweight Champion Cris “Cyborg.” She has been kicked out of her gym by Brandon Vera, and Cat Zingano certainly didn’t appreciate her behavior at the UFC retreat.

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate is the latest to express her dislike for Angela.

I fully support Cris Cyborg,” Tate told Brazilian MMA magazine, Combate. “I’m happy she punched Angela in the face because Magana practices virtual bullying. She deserved it and I hope Cris does not have more serious problems. Who should have been in trouble was Angela Magana.”

Tate’s opinions shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Angela has frequently expressed less-than-favorable opinions of her.

Take this gem, for instance…

…or this one:

It should be pointed out, too, that Miesha has never had high opinions of Angela Magana, referring to her as a “complete moron” and “bully.”

However, anyone hoping for a fight between these two shouldn’t get their hopes up. Tate is retired and she is in the weight class above Angela’s.

Maybe a grappling match between the two would be in order.





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