MMA vs BJJ – Ground and Pound Experiment


  1. The idea of the research was nice, but the execution of the research had failed in some levels…


    The difference in the levels between the strikers and the bjj figthers.

    I understood that the research was about BJJ utility in a street fight, right? therefore, why the strikers didn’t kick them at any part of the drill? for example when the bjj fighters put their both legs up, exposing all the lower back for a good “soccer kick”…

    The idea was super nice, the aplication not.

    That is just my opinion and I am not trying to be an internet idiot or something, just showing my point of view on the video 🙂

  2. Gracie combatives!!! will come thru in a fight, striking jiujitsu defense for completely new people to grappling learn bjj for defense againt a striking oponent.

  3. The “strikers” looked like white belt bjj with boxing gloves on. If the name of the video is mma vs bjj, you have to remember that most mma fighters have a solid bjj backround.


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