Mutual Combat: Legal Street Fighting Law In Washington With Police Officer As Referee

Back in the 50s and 60s, people used to engage in rumbles when they had unresolvable disagreements. A rumble was a fair fist fight that usually didn’t involve knives and guns and such. It was just pure unadulterated fisticuffs. The mutual combat law in Washington takes it back to the old school by allowing people to fight if they so desire. That’s right. Neither party has to worry about lawsuits because the fight is legal and approved of by Washington’s finest. Both parties have a free pass to engage in violence with their bare firsts. Obviously, no knives are guns are allow here.
As long as both parties consent to the fight, the police will allow it to occur. They may even pop some popcorn and watch. The only catch is that one police officer has to be allowed to referee the event.
Some people may think that this law is a bad thing because it promotes violence. On the contrary, one could look at it as a law that diffuses the gun-fueled gang violence that goes on today. People may just abandon their knives and guns if they’re allowed to make their points with their fists. This law may have positive results.



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