Negatives To Training With Your Significant Other

In a relationship, most couples have their own separate outlets.  For a lot of guys I know, their outlet is BJJ and for a lot of girls it’s retail therapy, cleaning, venting to their girlfriends etc.  Every once in a while couples will have the same hobby/outlet, in my case, BJJ.  Anyone with common sense knows the positives of training with your significant other. So just to be a little different, I went ahead and listed some of the negatives.


1. I already spend all day and night with my husband now I gotta partner up with him at the gym.

2. My washing machine looks 50 years old and I just bought it last year! All because I wash so many stinky gi’s.

3. When I can’t pass his guard or he gets a submission on me, I get more irritated with him than if it was with a regular classmate.

4. I think he is slow when he can’t pick up on a move as fast as I can.

5. Somewhere along our BJJ adventure together I was automatically designated to pack the gym bag and fill up the water.  I never volunteered for that crap!

6. Now he wants to sign me up to every single tournament he wants to do! Then he will have to back out last second! W-T….!

7. I automatically have to hear some lame excuse when he didn’t have a “good” day at the gym.

8. I become his dummy when he sees a cool Keenan Cornelius video on YouTube.

9. When we are late to class he blames it on me.

10. Any form of affection that we try to inflect on one another turns into a full on grappling session.

We’re hopeless!!  LOL Any other negatives to training BJJ with your significant other that you guys can think of?


  1. If you are competitive at heart, training with your significant other can be a challenge. I always seem to compare myself to him and get irritated… definitely something I have to work on!


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