When your Opponent Doesn’t Join You on the Podium

Photo by: ibjjf.org

You’ve been training for this moment! You’ve been completely focused and grinding; day in and day out getting ready for battle! You’re pumped, you’re more than ready, and by Jove you will DO THIS!!!

Now listen folks, I’m not saying competing is the heart and soul of Brazilian Jiu jitsu. For some people it’s a test of progress and a way to fulfill the needs of their competitive nature; for others it’s a different type of challenge, overcoming a fear, test of knowledge, or pitting oneself against the odds. Any way you look at it, stepping on the mats is an awesome accomplishment and we should commend those who do so, as well as those who decide to take it a step further by competing.

It’s game day. You’ve been crushing left and right. Nothing will stop you. NOTHING! Finally it’s time for the finals/semifinals and, oh Lordy, you’ve lost. Everyone handles the loss or win differently. There isn’t a “cookie cutter” response. No one can determine the outcome that jiu-jitsu highs and lows bring. You’re excited, elated, determined, empty, disappointed, crushed?!

That’s all fine and dandy. It’s when you disrespect yourself, team and Coach with unacceptable behavior that I’d like to speak of! We’ve all been there on that roller coaster ride, you’re not alone in thinking I should have done X,Y,Z… but you didn’t. And now the other person has won. Don’t discredit their hard work, or yours, by not showing up to the podium. Celebrate your wins and accept your losses (for now). Come back harder and stronger next time. Save the db-ism & tantrums for when you’re alone.

Happy Rolling!


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