Polaris 4 Main Event Results

Tom Breese defeats Ben Dyson – unanimous decision

The main event started out big – literally – when UFC fighter Tom Breese took on hometown favorite Ben Dyson for a 93kg no-gi match.

Breese took Dyson down early, and while Dyson almost pulled off a triangle early in the match, he spent the overwhelming majority of the fight trying to twist and turn his way out of Breese’s half guard.

Breese held his opponent down throughout the match, and peppered his performance with some leg attacks.  Though he wasn’t able to get the submission, he impressed the judges enough to earn himself a unanimous decision win.

Dominkya Obelenyte defeats Yas Wilson – unanimous decision

The next match on the card was a women’s gi match between Roger Gracie’s first female black belt, Yas Wilson, and Lithuania’s Dominkya Obelenyte.

With a significant size advantage, Obelenyte dominated the match-up as crowned teammate, Gordon Ryan, looked on.  The Lithuanian held mount throughout the majority of the match as Wilson, another hometown favorite, struggled desperately to get free.  Though Yas was able to pull off an impressive escape at one point, Dominkya got right back on and continued her domination, earning her the second unanimous decision of the night.

Charles Negromonte defeats Eduardo Teta Rios – unanimous decision

The muscle was on full display as a shirtless Charles Negromonte took on Norway’s Brazilian-born Eduardo Teta Rios.

Teta pulled off two excellent double legs in the first five minutes of the match, but Negromonte dominated on the ground, either inside Rios’ half guard or in full mount.  At one point he came close to a head-and-arm choke, and at other times he almost scored an armbar or Kimura.  Though he came up short in his submission attempts, his ground dominance earned him the unanimous decision victory.

Nathan Orchard defeats Masakuza Imanari – rear naked choke

Polaris fans didn’t get the chance to see the famous “Dead Orchard” submission, but they did get to see Orchard pull off the first submission of the night.

Imanari fended off his long-legged opponent well throughout the majority of the match, but once Orchard took the back, the end drew near for the Deep Impact legend.  Orchard locked in a body triangle and after a bit of struggle, snaked his hands across Imanari’s face, crushing it and scoring the RNC win.

Dillion Danis defeats Jackson Sousa – heel hook

Marcelo Garcia black belt and Conor McGregor teammate Dillion Danis scored the second submission of the night.

His match against Checkmat’s Jackson Sousa was intense, and frequently too big for the Polaris mats.  On three occasions, the match had to be stopped because the two fighters ended up rolling or pushing the other out of bounds.  Jackson did an excellent job nailing the double legs, but once almost got himself caught in a guillotine choke.

It was Danis’s takedown attempt that helped end the fight early, though. The Marcelo Garcia black belt shot in, but apparently not far enough. However, he was able to grab and leg, sink the heel hook in deep, and earn the tap.

AJ Agazarm defeats Minowoman – triangle

It was wrestler versus pro-wrestler (WWE-style trunks and all) when AJ Agazarm took on Japan’s Minowoman in the sixth match of Polaris 4’s main card.

They spent close to a minute or two feeling each other out and politely taunting each other.  AJ then went in for the takedown, and though Minowoman looked as if he was going to be able to sprawl his way to safety, Agazarm turned a corner and got into side control.

The Gracie Barra Florida student then got himself up into knee on belly, transitioned into a triangle, and forced his Japanese opponent to tap.

Despite some early taunts, the match ended with a bow and a handshake.

Garry Tonon defeats Gilbert Burns – heel hook

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about Garry Tonon or his Danaher Death Squad brethren.

The Lion Killer – as most of the BJJ world knows Tonon – remained calm throughout the match, being taken down many times and held in side control, but for the most part able to fend off Burns’ attacks.

Burns, for his part, seemed to control most of the match while pushing himself out of or ripping himself away from Tonon’s frequent leg attacks.

However, in the last five minutes of the match, Tonon got a hold of Burns’ heel one more time and cranked away for the tap, earning himself yet another heel hook victory.

Fernando Terere defeats Shaolin – unanimous decision

In the main event and much-anticipated rematch between two of the greatest competitors BJJ has to offer, Fernando Terere triumphed.

Fans witnessed a highly technical and, at times, slow-paced match between these two competitors, but Terere did not hold back on his trademark explosive passing. Shaolin opted to pull guard most of the time and was able to hold Terere in his closed guard for a significant portion of the match. Fernando Terere, however, controlled top and frequently passed to side control.

During the last thirty seconds or so of the match, fans could see Shaolin’s desperation.  He pulled guard once again and frantically went for choke after choke.

But it wasn’t enough, and Terere ended up having his hand raised.

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