Qualities of a Good Coach


In my opinion, having a good coach in Jiujitsu is a major key to success. You could be born with natural talent, but if you don’t have someone motivating you and steering you in the right direction, that talent may very well go to waste. A coach’s job is to be a mentor, positive influence, and an overall motivator for their students helping them learn in a positive environment. There are coaches out there that do not fall under the category of a “good coach.” Below I have listed the main qualities that make up a great coach:

  1. Coaches make their athletes believe in themselves. They build up their self esteem rather than breaking it down. They don’t look down condescendingly on any athlete. This isn’t done artificially though. Good coaches don’t praise mediocre effort, but they find moments where athletes are doing something right. Creating confidence in the athlete allows the athlete to believe in themselves and push their limits farther than they imagined they could.
  2. They don’t embarrass their students. I have seen this done in martial arts, and it is not the right way to go. All this does is make the athlete feel bad about themselves which ultimately will impact their performance. It is not constructive and its only purpose is to lower self esteem.
  3. They don’t let ego get in the way. They are mentally healthy enough to know that outcomes at competitions are not the be all end all. They understand that if a student doesn’t do well at a competition, it doesn’t make them feel bad about themselves. These things happen. On the other side, they don’t go over the top if an athlete succeeds. Its all a balance and a good coach knows how to keep it all in check.
  4. Good coaches make the sport fun for their athlete. If you push too hard, or burn out an athlete, they aren’t going to enjoy the sport for long. It is not impossible to have fun but work hard and have goals at the same time. They should find creative and innovative ways to keep the athletes happy.
  5. Good coaches should be role models. They possess honesty and integrity in all aspects of the sport and in life. They should live in a way that represents the sport and the team. If they expect their athletes to live a healthy lifestyle, they need to be doing the same. They’re the ones setting the standard. If they’re eating a poor diet or going out all the time partying, their students will think its okay to do the same.
  6. Good coaches are passionate about the sport! They show genuine interest and look out for the well-being of their athletes. They tune in and listen to their athletes needs. They are an overall positive motivator and teacher that the team looks up to.

These are just some of the main qualities I believe make up a great coach. There are a variety of others, but make sure you’re training under someone who pushes you to reach your potential in a positive manner and encourages you’re growth as an athlete and person.


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